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Chef Box is a fanon box in the original Cut the Rope game and is the first box of Season 4. It features two new gameplay elements including a new nommie.

Notable levelsEdit

Level 18-1 introduces broccoli and gives the basics of level mechanics.

Level 18-4 introduces a black, three-eyed nommie called Nom Numa that moves around the level attempting to catch the candy. Both Om Nom and Nom Numa will gag if they catch broccoli.

Levels Edit

Chef Box is an extremely hard episode. There are nine rather hard-hard levels, 18-3, 18-5, 18-12, 18-13, 18-17, 18-18, 18-19, which used to be an extremely troublesome level before it got nerfed, 18-21, and 18-24, one very hard level, 18-20, one insanely hard level, 18-14, and two almost impossible levels 18-15 and 18-16. As a result, this box is considered even harder than the previous box, Mechanical Box.


The box is light blue and has a plastic texture. The hole Om Nom is peeking out of seems to be cut out of a broccoli commercial.


The player will get the Chef Box Completed achievement if they complete the box and Chef Box Perfect when they get three-stars on all levels in the box.