This is a game for the iPod Touch. There are 35 worlds and tons of secrets


Act 1: The World CandyEdit

Om Nom reads about a strange candy: The World Candy. To get it, he needs 12 emblems, stored in special boxes. He must also get bronze, silver and gold keys to unlock new boxes. After getting all 12 emblems the 13th box unlocks. After getting the World Candy, Om Nom is taken back home, and the candy flies up to form a new world: Candtopia.

Act 2: The Candy TrophyEdit

Om Nom discovers a Candy Trophy and needs 5 Super Emblems and the Balance Emblem, which have each been torn into 2 halfs. After getting the trophy he gets teleported back and the Trophy becomes the Star Map Base.

Getting The Star MapEdit

In each world there is 1 Star Map Piece. After collecting them all, you will unlock Secret Storage, the third act.

Act 3: Secret Storage and EndingEdit

There are 8 worlds in the Secret Storage, after which Om Nom gets the Mega Candy and falls back to earth. The credits then play.


Act 1Edit

Rat Box

Ox Box

Tiger Box

Rabbit Box

Dragon Box

Snake Box

Horse Box

Goat Box

Monkey Box

Rooster Box

Dog Box

Pig Box

World Box

Act 2Edit

Wood Box 1

Wood Box 2

Fire Box 1

Fire Box 2

Earth Box 1

Earth Box 2

Metal Box 1

Metal Box 2

Water Box 1

Water Box 2

Yin Box

Yang Box

Trophy Box

Act 3Edit

Secret Box

Super Secret Box

Really Secret Box

Super Super Secret Box

Really Super Secret Box

Super Super Super Secret Box

Super Duper Secret Box

The Most Secret Box

The Final Box