Here is a complete list of all items used in Cut the Rope:

Main ItemsEdit

Cut the RopeEdit


Ropes are used to hold onto the candy. They appear on most levels.


Stars are collectibles in all Cut the Rope games. There are 3 in each level. You need a certain amount of stars to unlock a certain episode. Sometimes, stars will require fast actions to be collected.


Bubbles lift the candy up. If no ropes are connected, the candy will float away.

Automatic RopesEdit

If the candy goes into the area of an automatic rope hook, a rope will appear.


Spikes are reoccuring hazards in Cut the Rope. The candy will be destroyed if hit by these.

Air PumpsEdit

Air Pumps (otherwise known as Air Cushions) pump the candy in the desired direction.


Spiders sometimes pop up on rope hooks, and will steal the candy if their rope is not cut.

Movable RopesEdit

Movable Ropes are like ropes, but you can move the hook up, down, left or right.


Drop the candy into a hat and it will fall out of the other one. In Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, hats are replaced with stockings.

Electric SparksEdit

Electric Sparks behave like spikes.

Bouncing PlatformsEdit

Bouncing Platforms look like yo-yos. The candy will bounce away from them as soon as it touches them.

Wheel RopesEdit

These rope hooks have a wheel on them, you can control the length of the rope by spinning the wheel.

Gravity Changer ButtonEdit

Control the gravity with this button. This button is red with a white stick man on it.


Blades are like spikes, but you can rotate them.

They first appeaed in the Tool Box.

Bee RopesEdit

These are like normal ropes, but they automatically move and they have a bee on them.

They only appear in the Buzz Box and a few levels in the DJ Box.


You use a handle to rotate records. They appear in the DJ Box and a few levels in Spooky Box.

Cut the Rope: ExperimentsEdit

Candy ShootersEdit

Candy Shooters are introduced in Shooting the Candy. Press the green button and they will shoot the candy with a rope.

Suction CupsEdit

Suction Cups are introduced in Sticky Steps. You can attach and detach them with the touch.


Rockets are introduced in Rocket Science. You activate the candy with the rocket. Sometimes, rockets are rotatable.


Candy will float on water when it comes into contact with it. It appears in all levels of Bath Time but in a few levels of Handy Candy

Sleepy SnailEdit

Sleepy Snail

Sleepy Snail!

The Sleepy Snail is a character who pulls the candy down. Tap the candy to drop the snail. The Sleepy Snail only appears in Bath Time.

Mechanical HandsEdit

Mechanical Hands only appear in Handy Candy. The candy will cling onto them. Tap the red buttons to rotate the hands. Tap the candy to drop.


Interventions Only Appears In Ep 9 Of Cut The Rope Experiments.

Fanon ItemsEdit


TNT only appears in the Earthquake Box. Hit a TNT crate with the candy and it will explode along with other TNT crates around it. If 4 or more are exploded near the candy, the candy will explode.

Stone WallsEdit

As the candy hits a stone wall, it will not bounce away from it. If the wall is tilted diagonally, the candy will roll down it.


Introduced in the Chef Box, broccoli will not mix with candy, will result in a disaster if dropped from the box, and will displease Om Nom or Nom Numa if fed with.


Thermostats are gameplay elements introduced in the Refrigerator Box. They appear as a round thermostat, but with only two settings: Hot and Cold. When tapped, temperature will change, as well as the level. Some established game elements will be weak in one setting, empowered in another one, or weak in both. Each temperature has different locations of stars due to different level setups.


Practically the same thing as the Thermostats, but will only change temperature if it has contact with the candy.

Taps Edit

They only appear in tap box and acts smillar to steam