Nom Numa
Vital statistics
Powers Moving around the level, attempting to eat the candy.
First Level Appearance Chef Box Level 18-4
Gender Male
Species Nommie (monster)
Locations Original Cut The Rope - Ep.18+
Strengths Medial
Size small
Game(s) Cut The Rope (Fanon)
Nom Numa (pronounced: nom nUmo) is a nommie that first appeared in Chef Box. Unlike the other Nommies, Nom Numa is an antagonist that will attempt to eat the candy before Om Nom. One way to halt Nom Numa is by feeding him broccoli.

Appearance Nom Numa is black, three-eyed, and has an overall Om-Nom like shape. He is shown with sharper teeth than Om Nom.

Characteristics Outside the box, he is sneaky, greedy, and acts odd around his piers. He despises of vegetables, like Om Nom, and will turn white as a result of consuming in. This is obvious in the way he acts in-game.